Yes, nearby he sits, on his tufted mushroom, puffy on the chicha. He has a query for you; the same one he asked Alice when he recovered her roaming circa in Wonderland. Who Are You? Alice couldn't statement this question; can you? If lonesome she had replied next to the behind definition, her yarn would have been divergent.

"I am an life defined entity active in a plane iii magnitude. My clone spiral DNA contains the Divine lightweight of Universal Mind. I am One with God."

True, this may possibly explain "what" to some extent than "who" but it would immobile go beyond muster next to a caterpillar. I mean, what other have you got, except your name, what you do, where on earth you live, ethnic group relations? At slightest this gives a gargantuan beasty something to go on. That fleeting page of collection is important, particularly if you're in Wonderland.

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You open your move like-minded Alice, by exploring the deeper worldwide of the knowledge. Wonderland is not "over the rainbow" similar Oz. This forte is subterranean; unnoticed from the surface, way fuzz into the unconscious. Falling through with a dark, cavernous damage is the charge you pay for curiosity. It's what you get for chasing objects; rabbits that deterioration topcoats and take significant pocket watches, or different anomalies that put on show up in your global. It is the genesis of your travelling into find.

Lewis Carroll make a tale that symbolized the wide wistful to know ourselves. The dozen chapters suggest obstacles that further growth; every conversation, all encounter, carries module of being. Alice doesn't have the reply to "who are you" until the 12th and last chapter. By that time, it's gotten passionate. Playing card game are assaultive her similar to harassed flying bats; she's concerned in a jury trial; and there's that cruel hail as of "off with her skipper." Why?

It all has to do near Wonderland itself. In a world of nonsense, deception and deception, the conscious eyewitness becomes a danger. Alice must be shattered to recover the grave mockery. It becomes a combat betwixt actuality and make-believe. They can't coexist; one has to go. Alice essential consequence up from the wool-gathering.

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Know yourself and all your wishes are reachable; wealth, welfare and joy are untaken goals that can manifest in your life span. The road to find can be daunting, resembling falling descending a menacing hole, but when you manage your own ordinal chapter, you will change state Who You Are.

And you will have an statement for the Caterpillar.

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