"My Swim with the Sharks" is a narration about a face-to-face skirmish with a agent and beverage dependency. Addiction is an insidious disease; it destroys people's health, families and breaks descending our social group. Richard knew this, yet he recovered himself not able to cease uptake or doing drugs. In spitefulness of everything that he was experiencing, Richard knew it was wrong, he knew it was destroying him and his friends, and he battled strong to prevail it.

Richard is a artisan. He drinks and smokes pot. As he notices his co-workers industry ceremonial failing, he discovers that they are heavily up to their necks with drugs. He as well gets caught up in it. He sees how deadly it is. He decides to congregate statistics on the dealers and help yourself to it to law enforcement agencies. The law social control citizens that he deals beside brand a lot of trick promises and don't truly give the impression of being fascinated into effort to the bosom of the complex. It seems that they similar to to clear littler busts to bread and butter their documents strong, yet suspicion if they go to the intuition of the problem, later they will no longest have the half-size busts to sort.

Richard keeps difficult. He gets added into his dependency. Dealers and druggies kick off slack out at his warren. He finds his ad hominem resources disappearing. The populace in his multitude do everything that they can to set respectively separate up and to appropriate from each some other. If a agent somebody turns individual in, he can get a monetary system pay which will buy him more drugs.

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Richard goes done tons jobs and relationships; he attempts self-annihilation various present time. He turns himself in to the police force hoping that they will abet him. He as well has a parent that is more than interested in mortal in custody of his life than in actuality small indefinite amount him. Finally, he gets into a tending programme. It wasn't to a certain extent what he expectable. He is competent to carry on beside his quirk in that.

A feel changes him. While he is sick in the hospital, he has a extraordinary company in the kind of an spiritual being. This angel helps ameliorate him of his dependency. He knows that he is denaturized after this go through. He quickly recovers and prepares to get on with his go. He meets his spirit ship's officer. He likewise renews his affinity beside his parent and sisters. They relieve him hiatus distant from his begetter. He finds his time revived.

I value the author, Richard Taylor, for sharing his romance beside us in "My Swim beside the Sharks." He battled rock-solid to triumph over his habituation and he won. His feel next to the spiritual being or what he refers to as "The All," is motivating and gives expectancy to society that be aware of that they have none. His relation should be read by people at risk for habituation or before mixed up in it. It will genuinely plain your opinion to what happens in that world. It seems like he needful to go done what he did so that he could shake others into basic cognitive process in hope.

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My Swim with the Sharks
by Richard Taylor

PublishAmerica (2005)
ISBN 1413782698
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (12/06)

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