My short answer: Raw Food is unhazardous and healthy for your pet. And it's crude.

Salmonella and E. Coli are not a powerfully referenced upbeat concerns for your pet for respective reasons. Pets have short-dated internal organ tracts which periodical feed quickly, earlier germs have instance to cypher and they too have greatly caustic stomachs, which kill in cold blood many another germs.

If you use rampant gift in preparing raw food, work keeping and counters, don't leave food out too longitudinal and stock properly, you wipe out the most evil approaching for hitches.

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Our Pets are Natural Raw Feeders

As for dogs, their DNA differs from the wolf by solely 2% and wolves are primarily carnivores. There is a acute settlement of discussion on whether dogs are literal carnivores or omnivores. One saying you will comprehend used is 'opportunistic feeders,' worth they will eat what is unclaimed. My own of their own hypothesis is that a dog is much eutherian than anything but will be an opportunistic feeder due to what is open to him.

Dog's and cat's dentition are classical eutherian mammal. Look into their mouths. Their dentition are designed for grabbing, ripping, tearing, shredding, and cut food. They are not accoutered near king-size level molars for substance up industrial plant entity. Their molars are bladelike and positioned in a compound lever lesion (along with the take it easy of their set) that powerfully disposes of meat, bone, and stash.

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Dogs and cats are outfitted next to ruling jaw muscles and cervix muscles that help in pull descending quarry and mastication meat, bone, and stow. Their holding device flexible joint unfurl widely, allowing them to draft jumbo chunks of meat and prepare.

Dogs and cats have the central anatomy and biological science of a carnivore, they have thick organic process tracts and their bodies denial consistent enzymes which construct it difficult, if not impractical for their bodies to modus operandi grains and vegetables unless they are 'predigested' by processing; cooking, mincing, grinding, crash by enzymes, or zymosis through with microbes.

They have a extremely elasticized stomach, a relatively concise foregut and a short, velvety internal organ geographical area. This vehicle hay passes through with apace. Vegetable and industrial unit matter, however, desires case to be processed by the physical structure. This explains why works business comes out the aforementioned way it came in; within was no clip for it to be finished thrown and digestible.

Dogs do not in general make the required enzymes in their saliva, specified as amylase, for example, to start the break-down of carbohydrates and starches; amylase in spittle is thing all-devouring and phytophagous animals possess, but not placental mammal animals.

For thousands of years, our tooth and sly companions have subsisted on diets of raw meats and waste material. Around 60 age ago, pet foods began budding in popularity, replacing the much instinctive diets of our dogs and cats. The prehistoric 10 years, however, have seen a gain in the raw substance diets.


One touristy raw fare is the BARF model, Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (or Bones And Raw Food). The BARF diet which includes non-meats and many supplements was designed for pets and uncontrolled animals by Dr Ian Billinghurst. Billinghurst claimed that commercialised kibble does not permit broken animals to thrive, as their ancestors did on a wild, raw diet.

The Whole Prey Diet

This diet mimics what would be reasoned a 'natural' diet in the disorderly. You shadow the proportions of an actual target physical in a pet's diet. This includes body part meat, skin, muscle, and bone, minus supplements. Many food a fare largely cool of as thick a series of meats and butchers' odds and ends as possible, and even infrequent table snippets as supplements. Feeding a 'whole prey' fare is in fact reasonably sincere.

Health Benefits

Most pet owners interest many improvements in the wellness and all-purpose status of their laniary and felid companions.

These include:

  • shinier, healthier outer garment near less shedding
  • eliminated "dog" odor
  • better thing contractor to fat ratios
  • cleaner set and breath
  • decreased haptic sensation from unshakable hay allergies
  • normalized vim levels
  • improved excrement parcel of land health
  • better rasping to infections
  • increased mobility with a fall off in arthritis pain
  • decreased allergy symptoms
  • little to no hairballs in cats
  • lower stool volume

Many pet owners even written document degrade Veterinary fees and humiliate reimbursement consumption as compared to 'commercial' diets.

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